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The Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Indianapolis has gathered Latvian Lutherans for more than 60 years. In the past, there were various Latvian Lutheran congregations in the Indianapolis area, but over time these congregations have unified. Today there is one Latvian Lutheran Church for the entire state of Indiana. The Latvian Ev. Lut. Church of Indianapolis is a member of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (LELBA).

The Latvian Church of Indianapolis unites Latvian Lutherans with an aim to preach God’s Word in our own language and to cultivate our spiritual traditions in today’s multicultural environment. The Church provides liturgical services every week in the Latvian Language. The Congregation has a Bible Study Group, Youth Group, Sunday School and a Women’s Auxiliary Group. The Sunday School group meets once a month. After each service in the fall, winter and spring, a light lunch is served to promote and continue fellowship.

The Latvian Church continues many beloved Latvian annual traditions and events. In the spring, the Church has Palm Sunday Brunch, Easter Morning Pancake breakfast, Mother’s/ Family Day Brunch & Program and the 14 of June Remembrance Service. In the fall, there is the Church Picnic and the Harvest Day Brunch. During the winter, Latvia’s Independence Day Service, the Advent Concert, Bake Sale, and Advent Brunch.

Today, the Latvian Church is a community of about 100 families who are of Latvian heritage, have Latvian family members, or have interest in a culturally diverse Lutheran experience.

Draudzes 65 g

Photo: Congregation celebrating its 65th anniversary April 9, 2017


We would love to have you come visit and worship with us! Services are usually held on Sundays at 11:00 am. Once a month, the Church has a service in English. This English Service is usually the third week of each month, but can change. Please check the Newsletter. For any questions or additional information please contact Bishop Gunars Lazdins at 317-844-8608 GLazdins@indy.rr.com or President Andrejs Kancs at dreday517@aol.com


Our minister and spiritual leader for over 20 years is Bishop Gunars Lazdins.


Prāv. Gunārs Lazdiņš

Bishop Lazdins was born August 3, 1952 in Valencia, Venezuela to Gaida and Andrejs Lazdins. Gunars is one of 5 sons in the Lazdins family.

From 1972 to 1976, Gunars studied at the Superior Evangelical Institute of Theological Studies, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gunars married Marta on August 7, 1976. On December 3, 1976, Gunars received his Bachelor’s degree in Theology. Gunars then began his Latvian ministry work at the Latvian Ev. Lut. Church in Caracas and also preached in Spanish to other nearby Lutheran congregations.

On December 25, 1977, Gunars was ordained in the Latvian Ev. Lutheran Church in America at the Caracas Latvian Church on Christmas Day. In 1983, Gunars and his family moved to Portland, Oregon and became that congregation’s minister. In 1988, Gunars and his family moved to San Francisco, California.

In 1992, the Lazdins family relocated to Indianapolis, and in November became our minister. Gunars and Marta have 2 children, daughter Carolina and son Marcel, and 2 grandchildren. Gunars has held many different positions in the Latvian Ev. Lut. Church in America Organization, and in 2014, became its President. In addition, Gunars has taught at Garezers and Kursa Latvian High Schools.


The Latvian Church currently has its services at the Pleasant View Lutheran Church which is located at 801 West 73rd St. Indianapolis, IN 46260. Please check the Calendar for upcoming services and events.


The Church’s Newsletter is published 6 times a year. To download the Newsletter please click here:  Draudzes Ziņas/ Church’s Newsletters


If you would like to tithe or donate to the Latvian Church or have any questions, please contact Maris Kancs, Treasurer. Please make checks payable to Latvian Lut. Church and send your donation to Latvian Lut. Church c/o Maris Kancs 220 3rd Ave NE. Carmel, IN 46033.

Thank you and God bless!

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